Electric Furnace Troubleshooting | Common Issues

The Heat is On

Electric furnaces have good points and bad points. The cost of running electric resistance heat is high. It is one of the least efficient methods for heating your home. The good points are that the machine itself is easy to install and the service is less costly than other types of heating systems. There is no one part in an electric furnace that is so costly that it would break the bank like a heat pump compressor or gas furnace heat exchanger. Because they are so easily and cheaply repaired they are kept in operation for long periods of time. This leads to failures that are very common. The most common failure I find is overheated electrical terminals. This can be due to loose wiring or failing components. Here is a short electric furnace troubleshooting video detailing a couple of these common failures.

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6 thoughts on “Electric Furnace Troubleshooting | Common Issues”

  1. Nice video Zack. I also find a ton of melted fan relays in these old electric furnaces.
    The worst part about these wonderful units is the fantastic service access…. or lack there of.

      1. So you replaced the contractor with a sequencer? The contractors seem to be more reliable than the sequencers at least that is what I have found.Would you Agee?Or was you concerned about amp draw with both elements coming on simultaneously?

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