The Fate of the iManifold

End of an Era

The iManifold is a great tool. I have preached many times that a tech must be equipped with a strong foundation in HVAC. But, after achieving that experience, the iManifold can be a powerful ally on everyday service calls. Jim Bergmann IS the heart and soul of the iManifold. He IS the face of the iManifold brand and it’s biggest fan. It was HIS voice that always answered, when I asked questions about the tool. He even thought enough of me to send me a free iConnect set, intended to convince  me that it is a must have for any tech. This was after I had traded my original iConnect for a Testo 570, because I was not convinced. But, Jim believed in his product to no end. Unfortunately, Jim and his team were relieved of duty recently. No mention has been made of the reasons behind North Park Innovations, head brass’ decision.

What Happens Now?

Without Bergmann at the helm of iManifold, one thing is certain. The biggest fan of the tool has left the building. The passion that was so evident will be more than likely replaced with a generic commitment to the product. Bergmann will no doubt create the magic elsewhere. Until that time is here, the main question is: “What becomes of the iManifold?” For the last several months, I had been using it off and on, due to Bergmann’s good graces. In fact, I will admit I tried to force myself to use it as much as possible, because I was so grateful to Jim for his faith and goodwill. But, for me, like so many others that factor is gone. The reasons are a little different for each of us. I wanted to give it a chance. Other techs use the tool knowing that Jim would be there if something went wrong. They knew that the product would always push forward as long as he was at the wheel. That feeling left a few days ago. Many of the techs online have been indicating they no longer plan to purchase the tool because of this. While this may be a small sliver of possible sales, the web has shown us that new ideas and tools can die quickly if the online tides change.

A New Day

Over the next few days I will be unveiling a number of things on I don’t want to give away the plan but it will be worth subscribing to the  Working Joe’s YouTube channels. There will be at least 2 more big announcements so stick around and get ready. The show is about to start.

The YouTube Channels

Working Joe’s Roundtable

Working Joe’s BLOG (The Live Channel)

The Pro Channel (Town & Country Air Pro)

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5 thoughts on “The Fate of the iManifold”

  1. i really want to know what u about to unveil. i a zambian tech and I’m sad to hear this story .i planned to get this tool this month but i so surprised that u tech abroad there sound so discouraging. i really wanted to order this tool but now what can say is PLEASE give me advice as an african technician, should i buy it or not? I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

  2. 2016 has been one hell of a year and its not going down without a fight. Lots of changes are on the horizon and theres nothing we can do about it. But I’m ready to say goodbye to 2016

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