Fed Ex Scam

Email Scam

Over the last several days I have received several emails from Fed Ex concerning packages that were to delivered to my home. Although I do get packages at my home on a regular basis, there was something odd about these emails. I noticed that the email addresses were not from the Fed Ex domain. The domains were random and different with each email. I am glad that I noticed before I clicked on the attachment at the bottom! After searching online and found that this Fed Ex scam was widespread.  I put together a short BLOG video to warn our HVAC friends about the issue.


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2 thoughts on “Fed Ex Scam”

  1. I get these too. I also get emails from barristers offering to give me, large amounts of money. If i’m supposed to get packages. I either know about them or I get notification via my Fed-Ex app and my UPS app. I was watching one episode of Dr. Phil on my DVR, where a Doctor spent $750,0000 or more on boxes from some woman from Nigeria, with $6,000,000 in it. He could’ve gave her a million dollars or more As a Doctor he should know better than to fall from a scam or Email’s coming from Nigeria. Nigeria dollar is worth 1/3 of a penny to US dollar. So it would take 3 Nigerian dollars to make up 1 penny. If I don’t know who an email is coming from, then I put it in my spam box. I don’t look at spam emails. I the reason I look in there is to make sure none of my regular emails, didn’t get put in there by accident.

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