Fieldpiece Wireless Test | SC57 & ET2W

Off the Wire

My everyday service tool bag has been home to a Fieldpiece meter for the last 15 years. Originally it was the SC76. Nowadays, it is the SC57. The SC57 is a wireless clamp meter that will work with Fieldpiece’s original wireless lineup. This lineup is not affiliated with the new Joblink platform, but is still very useful.  This group of tools include the SC57, ET2W wireless transmitter, EH4W wireless handle, and the LT17AW bench meter. I like these tools because they can be used to build the kit that is perfect for the individual technician. My set includes 2 wireless transmitters, my SC57 and a number of accessory heads. The new SC660 will be compatible with these handles as well as the Joblink platform. I will be testing  the SC660 in the upcoming weeks.

The Fieldpiece Wireless  Test (Open Air)

Recently, I used the large field next to my home in NC to perform a Fieldpiece wireless test. This was an open air test that did not include any obstructions. Upcoming tests will include obstructions that will replicate real world service call conditions. I am pleased to say that the tool performed very well. In fact, it exceeded my expectations by remaining connected more than 2x farther than my hypothesis. The entire process was documented on the Town & Country Air Pro channel on YouTube.

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