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iConnect Giveaway Begins

The time has finally come to get rid of my iConnect. I hope a deserving party ends up with this fine tool. I think that the HVAC community will make sure that it happens that way! Tune into the live broadcast below to see how to participate. The iConnect giveaway begins 12/7/16!

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18 thoughts on “iConnect Giveaway | WJR”

  1. Joe Cornett owner @ LHT Cooling Heating and Refrigeration. He’s not much of an new age digital guy. Kinda old school. If he wins this then maybe I can convince him to buy me one. I have always wanted one since the imanifold was still in the works before the release. But of course the price is what held me back.

      1. Is this a “comment on the video?”
        If so, may I nominate myself? Over the past 40 years in the trade, I have developed procedures by which the service tech can eliminate guesswork and replace it with accurate measurements that confirm actual improvements in HVAC/R performance. I’ve taught this in multiple intakes at various trade schools. One student took to the idea so seriously that he named his company “Precision.”
        I’ve combined standalone instruments and spreadsheets to produce these measurement procedures. I’d love to be able to afford some more automated systems like the iConnect and compare methods.

        Vince Otten

        1. I think thats awesome, Vince. perhaps that student could nominate you? You just need somebody to go on the video and type your name. Sounds like he or any number of your students would.

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