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iConnect Giveaway

Working Joe’s Roundtable on YouTube recently insinuated that they would be doing an iConnect giveaway. This is going to happen in the next few days. The  hard decision was not what to give away, but rather how to do it. Luckily, using the spirit of Christmas, we have come up with the perfect way to accomplish this task. That method will be revealed in the weekly live stream on Wednesday night at 10 PM. A link to the video will be shown at the bottom of this page. Also, I will delve into more about the future of the iConnect.

Why Get Rid of the iConnect?

The iConnect is a hub for a tremendous amount of HVAC data. Over the last couple years I have used it to commission new systems and on service calls. I can confidently say that I have a great deal of experience with the tool. People who watch Working Joe’s Roundtable and Town & Country Air Pro will know that I encourage technicians to study the foundations of HVAC before investing in expensive system analyzers. Furthermore, in the course of my experience with this tool I learned that almost all of the time I did not require the tool to accomplish my tasks. Most times my experience alone with some basic tools were plenty to get the job done. I enjoy doing calculations and can do them easily. The information I need is typically locked in my brain, just like it is for most of you reading this article.

$1700.00 Paper Weight?

Poll I set up on Google Plus a couple years ago. Question was “Why have you not bought an iConnect or iManifold?”

The conclusion of this post is not that the iConnect is useless. It is a wonderful tool. Most technicians do not share my affinity for doing calculations on the fly. Also, many technicians have more mission critical jobs that may be perfect for the iConnect. Data centers, commercial systems and any other jobs where reporting is needed would suit the iConnect well. I have small ambitions; I love working on small neighborhood HVAC systems. My life is simple and does not require a bunch of NASA caliber equipment.  But, I do not want my iConnect to go to waste. Stay tuned on Wednesday to try your hand at bringing it home! The iConnect giveaway will be our best one yet.


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2 thoughts on “iConnect Giveaway | The Big One is Coming”

  1. I can’t believe Jim Bergmann, has left the company. He is the face of the I-Manifold / I-Connect since the start. I wonder what they are going to do about all of his training videos. I will miss taking to him about the I-Manifold. R/Robert

  2. Now might be the chance to buy the Iconnect because they might start making them in China and there cost will be substantially less

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