iConnect Winner Announced!

The iConnect Goes to…….

When I started the iConnect giveaway a week ago I hoped a truly deserving party would win the tool. Because the nominations could have been made for any person it was a gamble. The winner could have been a person I hardly knew. But, at least one thing was certain. It was going to be an interesting night. The iConnect giveaway aired last night on the weekly Working Joe’s live stream. Each Wednesday night at 10 PM EST there is a live broadcast of some type on the WJR YouTube channel. Last night was particularly exiting because of the stakes.

The iConnect Winner is……

I am happy to say that Dave from Nor Cal HVAC/R was the iConnect winner. I have enjoyed Dave’s videos for the last couple years on YouTube. He always seems to be working on something unconventional. He does refrigeration and HVAC so there is a great variety of content on his channel. I know that he will give us, as viewers, a look at some of the more atypical iManifold applications.

Nor Cal on YouTube

Dave runs a great YouTube  channel as I previously stated. Viewers can see a wide variety of subject matter and will undoubtedly gain from his experience just by watching. I have often watched and thought to myself ,”Now this is a tech”. There could not of been a better winner for the iConnect gauge set. I am honored to be able to give it to him.

Catch Nor Cal on YouTube by clicking HERE


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